The Litterboxx | Episode 39: TOURING with Chris Hornbrook & Kerstin

final-litterboxx-ig-card YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD CLAM DOWN. I’m back and this time we’re starting on the Translation network, yay! ๐Ÿ™‚ Time has been a bit of a thief but you know what they say about LA shit moves at a slower pace…given the amount of time it takes to get ANYTHING done properly, I concur.

I’ve brought on my bud Kerstin to talk about her experiences as a fellow tattooed lady in the music industry, touring, the state of metal and its fans these days…and BDSM. Ya know, the light stuff. Also have on another touring friend drummer Chris Hornbrook from Senses Fail, Poison The Well, Big Black Delta + more. We discuss the life of a touring musician, learning about real adult shit aka RETIREMENT FUNDS and other fun frivolous thangs.

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The Litterboxx | Episode 38 with Justina Valentine

Justina - Press PhotoEarly on in my life, I attempted to make being a musician my livelihood and was quickly brought up to speed with how much of a real hustle it is. When I met Justina Valentine in college I was in the thick of MAKING THE BAND MAKE IT MANNNN and was struck by her husky voice, irreverence for anything actually going on in class (my presence was questionable as well) and obvious love for music. Us Jersey girls, we’re resilient and persevere through it all. I’ve watched her career blossom over the past few years and have run into her in a variety of music realms including Warped Tour, many musical nooks of NJ and now in LA, post wrapping production on MTV’s Wild’n Out. She’s a babe and quite the character. Justina Valentine always keeps it interesting and sexy. Check out my chat with her about JERSEY, making it in this biz, some of the real trials and tribulations, as well as her experience filming and continuing to make music. SHE MADE IT MAN.

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The Litterboxx | Episode 37 with Jax

When I was younger, being on American Idol seemed like the dream. It was a place where anyone could flex their talent, embrace their unique style and put it to the test in front of all of America to see. That’s no pussy shit, it’s a true look into someone’s ability to deliver their talent on the spot. On this episode I sat down with a fellow Jersey girl and musician Jax, who brought that dream to life. We discuss life on Idol and after, as well as the many amazing perks and friendships that come along with the lifestyle. Jax recounts the motivation behind her songwriting and how trying yet beneficial her time honing in on her skills was. We discuss dating as musicians (god knows I had many bad calls under my belt) and the glorious fuckery that has crossed our paths. It’s hard being young, deep and talented. Jeez ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my fave chats this wear, grab some popcorn and join the clam gang.

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The Litterboxx | Episode 36 with CeCe The Mamacita (Cecilia Valencia)

IMG_7119When I moved to LA, one of the biggest holes that formed in my life was my lack of bold, spicy, hilarious and lovable Latina girlfriends. As a woman who always grew up with the Spasian influence, my entire life has been surrounded by Latina’s with the biggest hearts, babeliest faces and feistiest attitudes. The phrase “I’ll cut you” is some real shit to me.

So when CeCe came across my way I jumped at the chance, not only is she a fellow media and radio personality, but I could feel the depth of her vibes and the genuine quality behind her intentions. In this episode we talk being ethnic ladies in this industry, what it’s like to be on the frontlines (including the good and the bad times) and her upcoming book with Yesi Ortiz that highlights some of the most outrageous dating stories. We talk about her impressive radio career, correspondent gigs for NUVO and Fox 11, as well as all kinds of other hilarious lady experiences. Kindred spirits of the fiery kind.

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The Litterboxx | Episode 35 with Charlie Bellmore / Jasta

On this episode I take The Litterboxx to NAMM to check out the fresh selection of gear geekery. On my quest to find something interesting, I chat with my homeboy Charlie Bellmore who slings the axe for Jasta and Kingdom of Sorrow and plays live with many different bands. He also dons the production hat, as many musicans eventually do. Overall great guy who has worked his ass off to live the dream of making music. Warning, it’s a total bro down.

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