#TinderellaTales: Trolling pics with friends for sport

How can you not have a love/hate with Tinder? What other arena in life would allow you to be a superficial asshole, with a random mixture of people, at any time, on any day? NOWHERE ON EARTH. So why not do a little trolling while I’m on the search. In this Tinderella Tale, I spot a dude who I wouldn’t normally look twice at – not because he’s not good looking, but moreso because he wasn’t my personal preference. In the Tinder world, your fantasy can be as tailored as possible, don’t let anyone tell you differently. So I start casually sorting through this papi’s profile and notice one of his homeboys is actually kind of a babe. That my friends, is the risk you run when you put a photo of your buds up. I couldn’t help but be a jerk…

OMG, we matched. I feel so special, knowing that most guys swipe right on almost EVERY decent looking broad. It’s quantity after all isn’t it people?


Sunglasses, the tired man’s armor. I’m not convinced but the buff dude on the right is kinda babely…next pic.

lol real 1

Hearts in eyes for his bud on the right, is that the same dude from the first pic? Are they secretly gay? Why would you fuck up your game by accompanying your pics with so many FINE ASS OTHER DUDES?

lol 1

I caved to being an asshole because hey, you never know. He was a good sport about it!


Full disclosure: I say in my profile I am on here for “research purposes” – I’m not kidding 🙂 Beware folks.


Tampons, a lady’s weapon of choice


Now this is the kinda game Boxxtalk can get behind. With all the advanced technology muddying up our simple gaming experience, it can be hard to find that perfect shoot-kill time consumer. Two lovely V toting members of the Girls Who Code organization (and HS students at that!), Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser, have come up with a BLOODY good gaming solution – TAMPON RUN. Now really, what more could a woman ask for? You get to slay douchebags with tampons on the mean streets and fuel up by grabbing mysterious floating boxes filled with, you guessed it, more ‘PONS. Great to see young women banding together at such a young age to create a digital FUCK YOU to the male dominated coding world.

PLAY YER DAY AWAY: http://www.tamponrun.com/

Boxxtalk made it to 222, super absorbent.


Check out more info on the gals + game here:

“I’m in an open relationship…”

Spoiler alert: despite my highly sexual nature, I’m actually quite the traditional lover. It’s been a running joke among my friends that they’d never propose a threesome to me because they know I’d never be into it. Admittedly, the idea of having 2 people pleasure you is hot but in reality, I’m not sure I can really handle the emotional stress a situation like that would bring me. Call me selfish, call me prude – but as a lover I don’t get satisfaction from concentrating my efforts to more than one person. Viva the hopeless romantic in me. It’s probably a reflection of the way I view sex, less as a physical need and more as a spiritual and emotional connection. This is not to say I haven’t had my share of ridiculously careless fun, but there’s so much more to sex than the orgasm endgame. Frankly for some they even have a hard time getting there, even inflating the ship for entrance into port…tragic. Maybe that makes me a little naive, but at this jaded stage of my life – I’m okay with that. A girl has to hold on to hope somewhere.

Since re-entering the single world again, I’ve noticed a handful of people talk about being in an “open relationship.” The very core concept of this, will never resonate with me as a Scorpio. Once you have my commitment, I will never cheat or stray. Isn’t that kind of the point of a relationship? That known commitment to each other and willingness to adhere to it? Doesn’t that make an “open relationship” a contradiction in terms? There’s a self serving undertone to the conditions of an open relationship. It’s almost like renting an apartment, but choosing to take time away at a hotel for kicks. What’s the point? Being “in a relationship” is one of the hardest conditions for two people to be in – self-sacrifice, factoring the needs of others in, holding back out of respect…with all the challenge though, comes a great reward. Being with one person nurtures something greater, a strong connection you can’t replace with as many casual encounters come your way. Then again I’ve discovered, not many people want that anymore. With all the miscellaneous choices we have in life these days, nobody wants to commit to one thing. Without commitment and dedication though, you can’t raise a family and create a home. What’s better? Have we as a society surpassed the collective point of being exclusive? I guess monogamy in NYC is so 2001, count me in as one of the minority. As much as I’d love to have everything I want and more, there no problem with enjoying the promise of finding another old school soul like myself. I’m mean in all seriousness, I’ve never met one “open relationship” that has ended in commitment or success. Have you?

In the end it will always be pain because nothing lasts forever. Love hard and entirely, or not at all…there’s always divorce!

Litterboxx Podcast: Episode 3

Summer 2014 comes to an end as August offers a ton of insights with heartbreak, buckets of ice falling on humans in the name of awareness, Faith No More, quality eye candy and much more. Spend the first day after summer fucking off with us.

There is a misconception that women should remain the silent minority, holding our tongues in an effort to fit that traditional “lady” mold so forcibly shoved down our throats. We are not those ladies. The Litterboxx is a soiling ground for pop culture, music, sports, relationship + sex talk, hilarious encounters and anything in-between. Join Zeena and Katy in our quest to live life to the fullest, dominate minds and meet some hot babes in the process. Maybe fall in love, but let’s not get too crazy here.

Viva the walk of shame: A gal’s fave polyblend stores



It’s an all too familiar scenario to any gal who has been single in their 20s. You go out for one drink on a Tuesday, that snowballs into 5. Suddenly you spot a babe and go in for the kill, the next thing you know you’re back at his apartment, listening to him play pop punk covers of shitty songs and wondering if you even remember his name. Hey, he said he was working on the freedom tower as an iron worker and well, I do love ‘Merica. A girl needs something to pass the time some days. Before you know it, you’re ninja style out at 7am, heading to work in the same outfit that got you into trouble last night. Luckily for any gal who’s been through the walk of triumph (no shame, unless he’s busted) there are a bounty of polyblend stores that can come to your rescue. You know, those joints you frequented in the mall at 14 that we’re training grounds for minor theft. The convergence of thriftiness and budding whoredom, the finest material you’ll spot there is a polyblend. Allowance went far in these slut havens and somehow, some way, there was an outfit to suit the awkward fashion needs of all your friends. In your teens, it was thrifty. In your 20’s it’s last resort and two washes away from completely unraveling. In your 30’s…it’s straight shame, but everyone has those one or two pieces that under the radar make the cut for way longer than expected. For those, we pour out the proverbial 40 and give some polyblend a little cotton shine.

Here are some cheap thrillers that have outfitted plenty of virginity losses…



Wet Seal

Contempo Casual


Rainbow aka THE MECCA

Joyce Leslie


EZ Pickins

Know Style