The Litterboxx – Episode 44 with The Regrettes

During my teen years living in the Jersey hot-bed of debauchery, I’d always dreamed of meeting a crew of misfits I could start a band with. We’d like, write songs about depression and being misunderstood. We’d wear a ton of leopard. I’d get a chance to be belligerent on stage and all eyes would be on me…basically, live the teenage dream. While it took me years to actualize that one (way past my teens i’ll add), The Regrettes at between the ages of 16 and 19 are living my youthful dreams out right now. I’ve always been a champion for female musicians but to see so many KILLING it in one band truly warmed my heart. Watching them at their record release party truly gave me chills and not of the douchey kind for once. At their budding age they posses more restraint, poise and bad-assery than many bands twice their age. It’s just a number after all, right?

The Regrettes, no regret

On this episode I sat down to talk with them about landing a record deal at such a young age, learning about managers and nuances of signing to a major label, as well as what makes them tick. In an age where many younger artists aren’t getting a chance to break through, especially in the rock world, it was refreshing to soak in their spirit!

Creep The Regrettes:

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