The Litterboxx 43 | Caitlin White / UPROXX Music

Transplants, the music biz is filled with them. We have to live somewhere right? NYC and LA interchange seamlessly and over the past year a few brave creative souls have joined me from the east, on the west coast. Thank god, these vapid barbies are soul sucking.


On this first episode of 2017, I bring on a fellow transplanted creative Caitlin White who heads up music coverage at Uproxx. We met years ago while I was working at The Fader and I’ve always admired her as a woman who takes chances and is unabashedly willing to show her soul. As with the complexities of every profession, Caitlin peels back the veil of the industry and gives candid insight on how she’s been able to maneuver the industry. In the spirit of a NEW YEAR NEW YOU, it’s a very inspirational and insightful look at writing in hip-hop, the trials of putting your thoughts out to the world and having to stand by your statements. It’s always a daunting challenge, but the greats suffer through and rise to the top.

Caitlin is 100% one of the greats 🙌🏾

Caitlin on the internets:

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