The Litterboxx 42 | Friends Are Family (Whale Watch Edition)

2d274905473774-today-awkward-pile-of-denim-140326-today-inline-largeThere’s something to be said about stories among friends and roommates. You know…those moments that rarely see the day of light when others are watching? Like, those things you can die of laughter about with others but outside of the circle it’s just tacky? I have no shame so I figured – let’s dive in with some of my fave loving assholes.

On this episode I enlist two of my best buds (and The Litterboxx alumni) Matt Swain and Dr. Cocktapus, as well as my former NYC roommate and midwest BAD BISH Nichole. Let’s just say if you have weak ears this one might not be fore you but I’m from NJ, crass and honest is our style. We discuss the nuances of the NYC area, smoking habits including gratuitous use of BLUNTS and our endless connection with strip clubs and working entertainers.

The boys, being boys, describe their accounts with fierce and loose ladies and hilariously describe their thoughts on female wardrobe (men never get it LOL). Nichole and I talk about the debauchery that went down when we were living together, including the gaggle of men we hosted over the years.

We introduce the concept of “the white whale” which really is creeping on that one person who you see as the ultimate prize. HOW’S THE WHALE WATCH GOING BRAH? Everyone has one of those and we’ll continue to keep an eye on the potential success.

We’re a sorted mix of musicians and music types so naturally we talk about hilariously bad shows we’ve seen and played. So many of our musical heroes have gone this year and we discuss Lemmy, Prince and Bowie as our heart-breakers.

In a naturally downward spiral, we get into our craziest repulsive encounters with people who find urination a turn on and the dreaded foulness of watching someone shit their pants. WOOF. Shit gone wrong, literally (sadly I am not immune…)


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