Litterboxx Podcast – Episode 10 with Black Star Riders

Getting this podcast off the ground was a real learning process for both Katy and I. I did radio for 5 1/2 years, an area where production comes readily and the audience is a given because it’s already there, so I had no clue where to begin with this. Building something from the ground up and sticking with it, that’s some whole other level shit. Putting it out there to be scrutinized takes some thick skin and the support of those who believe in you. If you’re reading this: that’s you and I appreciate your support 🙂


It’s hard to believe that we’re already 10 episodes deep but we celebrate our anniversary with a bang. We talk about Zeena’s experiences at a bachelorette party which fittingly included good times at male strip show, getting ghetto fab at the hip-hop club and learning the correct bachelorette etiquette. We talk weddings, their value and if it’s really for everyone which is of course, mainly us.

We explore the possibility and dilemma of catching “the feelings” and how those lovely thangs play into each person’s insecurity and crazy. We take a look deeper into social media context clues and what Facebook, Instagram and Twittter are really doing to help and hurt the relationship struggle. Creepers gunna creep, right? Did you know there was a beard-centric dating app called “Bristlr?” Now you do. Also, because we love funny broads, we chat about Broad City for a few and even dive into our love for Marc Maron because podcast love, is real love. If you can have someone else project their misery to you in a hilarious way, you’ve found the winner.

We also have our first interview with two amazingly talented and seasoned buds from Black Star Riders, Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson. The guys were hilarious and have a new album out 2/24 via Nuclear Blast “The Killer Instinct,” pre-order it here:

Enjoy the ride.
– @zeenakoda

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