Episode 40 | FOR THE LADIES with Maddie B and Mother Feather

jxdjykhcEPISODE 40, holy shit how did I get here?! When I started this quest almost 2 years ago I had no clue how to create a podcast, what to talk about and if I really had the stamina and content to talk about being alive, on my own. Like, self doubt is real and sometimes it can really get the best of you. Glad to say I’ve made it through and STOKED on my 40th! 🙂

On this episode I sit down with a beloved co-worker of mine Maddie who is also a rock lovin’ chick who busted her ass to make it in this biz. We chat about her upcoming move to NYC, growing up in Richmond, crazy LA dating stories and laugh about a lot of stupid shit that has made us the broads we are today.

I also have on Mother Feather who talk about fulfilling adult duties while being in an active band, wardrobe malfunctions resulting in lip slips (not talking about the one’s you kiss with BTW) and love for Lady Gaga. Now that Taylor Kinney is on the market…might have to go for the gold there. JK JK. Also have an amazing anti-Trump tune from Sebastian Kole who is equal parts musical talent and humor from his #DUMPTRUMP mixtape, check him out www.instagram.com/sebastiankole

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