The Litterboxx – Episode 44 with The Regrettes

During my teen years living in the Jersey hot-bed of debauchery, I’d always dreamed of meeting a crew of misfits I could start a band with. We’d like, write songs about depression and being misunderstood. We’d wear a ton of leopard. I’d get a chance to be belligerent on stage and all eyes would be on me…basically, live the teenage dream. While it took me years to actualize that one (way past my teens i’ll add), The Regrettes at between the ages of 16 and 19 are living my youthful dreams out right now. I’ve always been a champion for female musicians but to see so many KILLING it in one band truly warmed my heart. Watching them at their record release party truly gave me chills and not of the douchey kind for once. At their budding age they posses more restraint, poise and bad-assery than many bands twice their age. It’s just a number after all, right?

The Regrettes, no regret

On this episode I sat down to talk with them about landing a record deal at such a young age, learning about managers and nuances of signing to a major label, as well as what makes them tick. In an age where many younger artists aren’t getting a chance to break through, especially in the rock world, it was refreshing to soak in their spirit!

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The Litterboxx 43 | Caitlin White / UPROXX Music

Transplants, the music biz is filled with them. We have to live somewhere right? NYC and LA interchange seamlessly and over the past year a few brave creative souls have joined me from the east, on the west coast. Thank god, these vapid barbies are soul sucking.


On this first episode of 2017, I bring on a fellow transplanted creative Caitlin White who heads up music coverage at Uproxx. We met years ago while I was working at The Fader and I’ve always admired her as a woman who takes chances and is unabashedly willing to show her soul. As with the complexities of every profession, Caitlin peels back the veil of the industry and gives candid insight on how she’s been able to maneuver the industry. In the spirit of a NEW YEAR NEW YOU, it’s a very inspirational and insightful look at writing in hip-hop, the trials of putting your thoughts out to the world and having to stand by your statements. It’s always a daunting challenge, but the greats suffer through and rise to the top.

Caitlin is 100% one of the greats ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

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The Litterboxx 42 | Friends Are Family (Whale Watch Edition)

2d274905473774-today-awkward-pile-of-denim-140326-today-inline-largeThere’s something to be said about stories among friends and roommates. You know…those moments that rarely see the day of light when others are watching? Like, those things you can die of laughter about with others but outside of the circle it’s just tacky? I have no shame so I figured – let’s dive in with some of my fave loving assholes.

On this episode I enlist two of my best buds (and The Litterboxx alumni) Matt Swain and Dr. Cocktapus, as well as my former NYC roommate and midwest BAD BISH Nichole. Let’s just say if you have weak ears this one might not be fore you but I’m from NJ, crass and honest is our style. We discuss the nuances of the NYC area, smoking habits including gratuitous use of BLUNTS and our endless connection with strip clubs and working entertainers.

The boys, being boys, describe their accounts with fierce and loose ladies and hilariously describe their thoughts on female wardrobe (men never get it LOL). Nichole and I talk about the debauchery that went down when we were living together, including the gaggle of men we hosted over the years.

We introduce the concept of โ€œthe white whaleโ€ which really is creeping on that one person who you see as the ultimate prize. HOW’S THE WHALE WATCH GOING BRAH? Everyone has one of those and we’ll continue to keep an eye on the potential success.

We’re a sorted mix of musicians and music types so naturally we talk about hilariously bad shows we’ve seen and played. So many of our musical heroes have gone this year and we discuss Lemmy, Prince and Bowie as our heart-breakers.

In a naturally downward spiral, we get into our craziest repulsive encounters with people who find urination a turn on and the dreaded foulness of watching someone shit their pants. WOOF. Shit gone wrong, literally (sadly I am not immune…)


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The Litterboxx | Episode 41 With Robin Takizawa

Birthdays make some people sing the blues, for me…just happy to be alive. I just celebrated my 33rd birthday and I’m truly stoked to still be here on this unpredictably crazy Earth! Living is wild, right?

On this episode I kicked back with my homegirl Robin Takizawa over some wine and the Hollywood skyline. We clam chatted about her colorful life on tour with bands like Doyle and Orgy, as well as dating life post-divorce and all its fun. She’s a badass ethnic babe like myself with opinions and a heart of gold. She’s also NYC bred, so obviously the best.

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Episode 40 | FOR THE LADIES with Maddie B and Mother Feather

jxdjykhcEPISODE 40, holy shit how did I get here?! When I started this quest almost 2 years ago I had no clue how to create a podcast, what to talk about and if I really had the stamina and content to talk about being alive, on my own. Like, self doubt is real and sometimes it can really get the best of you. Glad to say I’ve made it through and STOKED on my 40th! ๐Ÿ™‚

On this episode I sit down with a beloved co-worker of mine Maddie who is also a rock lovin’ chick who busted her ass to make it in this biz. We chat about her upcoming move to NYC, growing up in Richmond, crazy LA dating stories and laugh about a lot of stupid shit that has made us the broads we are today.

I also have on Mother Feather who talk about fulfilling adult duties while being in an active band, wardrobe malfunctions resulting in lip slips (not talking about the one’s you kiss with BTW) and love for Lady Gaga. Now that Taylor Kinney is on the market…might have to go for the gold there. JK JK. Also have an amazing anti-Trump tune from Sebastian Kole who is equal parts musical talent and humor from his #DUMPTRUMP mixtape, check him out

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