Viva the walk of shame: A gal’s fave polyblend stores



It’s an all too familiar scenario to any gal who has been single in their 20s. You go out for one drink on a Tuesday, that snowballs into 5. Suddenly you spot a babe and go in for the kill, the next thing you know you’re back at his apartment, listening to him play pop punk covers of shitty songs and wondering if you even remember his name. Hey, he said he was working on the freedom tower as an iron worker and well, I do love ‘Merica. A girl needs something to pass the time some days. Before you know it, you’re ninja style out at 7am, heading to work in the same outfit that got you into trouble last night. Luckily for any gal who’s been through the walk of triumph (no shame, unless he’s busted) there are a bounty of polyblend stores that can come to your rescue. You know, those joints you frequented in the mall at 14 that we’re training grounds for minor theft. The convergence of thriftiness and budding whoredom, the finest material you’ll spot there is a polyblend. Allowance went far in these slut havens and somehow, some way, there was an outfit to suit the awkward fashion needs of all your friends. In your teens, it was thrifty. In your 20′s it’s last resort and two washes away from completely unraveling. In your 30′s…it’s straight shame, but everyone has those one or two pieces that under the radar make the cut for way longer than expected. For those, we pour out the proverbial 40 and give some polyblend a little cotton shine.

Here are some cheap thrillers that have outfitted plenty of virginity losses…



Wet Seal

Contempo Casual


Rainbow aka THE MECCA

Joyce Leslie


EZ Pickins

Know Style


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Litterboxx Podcast: Episode 2

Life is like a box of chocolates, the sweetness will always turn into a turd at some point. Moral of the story: when life hands you challenging experiences, make the best out of them and enjoy learning from the process. Enough of the sappy bullshit, without further adieu super stoked for the Litterboxx Podcast #2 and the full launch of BOXXTALK! This has literally been years in the making for me and kind of a dream come reality. Thank you for your ears and support and HUGE thanks to my amiga Katy for seeing my vision, contributing and fighting the good fight with me :) Lady power!

In this episode we discuss Tinderella experiences, the deterioration of my love life, government raping us of our hard-earned loot, IRL gym porn, hot wrestlers and other sultry thangs.

Enjoy, share + check out our new photos by my homeboy Shaun


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