Ear Crush: Meridiem “Supernova” + Teaser Video

nerah A few years ago I met Nicole through Eye Ra Haze and was immediately taken back by a) her babeliness and b) her ability to absolutely shred. Her new band Meridiem focuses exclusively on instrumental elements and has dropped a new track “Supernova” which you can check out via Soundcloud below. “Supernova” takes listeners on a musical trail of growth and exploration, sonically a natural progression for the musical unit. The tone is both brutally commanding and lush, with an exploratory nod to that idyllic “space in-between” that is a theme throughout the new EP. Just in time for Christmas, here’s a nice little preview of what is to come with their debut EP “Odysseia” which is due out early 2015.

MeridieM’s debut EP “Odysseia” nods to jazz composition, foregoing traditional structures while tying each segment back beautifully to plush piano arrangements coupled with crushing riffs. The EP will boast a mix that highlights each nuance of this instrumental intertwining and aims to bring listeners along for the musical voyage. Live piano is ferociously coupled with standout bass, succinct distorted guitars and a perfectly aligned rhythm section. Percussive experimentation is paramount in this release, with a fierce focus on craftily weaving varied rhythms into deep grooves.

Watch a little teaser below and check out Nicole’s YouTube channel, loads of awesome covers, gear setups and shredding, duh.

Check out Meridiem on all the social channels:


– @zeenakoda

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Beardos in babeland: To Beard, Or Not To Beard

Beards, many women love them but some ladies hate them. In our quest for love, babes and other riff-raff in-between, Katy and Zeena have both been witness to some beard turn-ons and a few viscous turn-offs. Collaboratively, we analyze the value of the beard – placement, body ratio, state of intoxication and all that jazz. Katy, very pro-beard. Zeena, poppin’ the beard cherry.


No-Shave-November, Decembeard, Lumbersexual… all are just a few words that have popped up in recent years when the ladies (and some of the dudes) realized how much they love a bearded man. I’m guilty of generally preferring a scruffy face over a freshly shaved one. It’s just so rugged and manly. Besides, who doesn’t love a little beard burn on her vagina?

Over the weekend, my beard fetish got real when I ran into someone who I never once looked at as anything more than just a friend and felt my panties moisten at the sight of this otherwise unremarkable man with a full, scruffy beard covering his face. I almost didn’t recognize him at first. This sudden aura of sex that radiated off of him has left me thinking of nothing other than how badly I want to sit on his face and feel that beard between my thighs. I can’t even deal with it. It’s so bad.


Each time I think of the filthy things I want to do with this man, I can’t help but wonder how something as simple as growing a beard has transformed him from an average looking guy who I never thought twice about into the star of my wet dreams. It’s JUST a beard. How did this seemingly simple cosmetic decision leave me so weak in the knees? How did this man leap from “average” to “so hot I can’t even handle it?” In my deep thoughts, I realized that he doesn’t look as old anymore. Not that “old” has ever bothered me, but every laugh line around his mouth and his round jawline are now masked by this glorious sheet of hair that keeps his manliness in tact without revealing his flaws. So distinguished and rugged and oh my god I just can’t.

I found myself reflecting on all of the bearded men who I’ve slept with or drooled over and wonder if I would have found them as attractive if they were shaved. To be honest, I’m not so sure they would project the same sexiness. It’s almost depressing to think of the sex appeal that is so threatened by the removal of one’s beard. I’d prefer not to think about it, actually.

What I’m really trying to say is, grow those beards dudes and don’t ever, ever shave.



To be totally transparent, I have never been a fan of hearty beards. A little facial hair does a face good but the full blown hippie beard extravaganza was never of interest to me. In fact, any time I saw a man with a beard I automatically would deem them kinda dirty and sloppy. Sorry, my Latin background of pencil thin chin straps and various geometrical facial constructions never allowed my mind to move past that. A lil scruff is sexy to me, not a full blown gnome style triangle. Yuck.

I’ve always been skeptical of beards because you never know what is hiding underneath them. Sometimes the hair can shave down to a gorgeous face that hasn’t seen sunlight in months (maybe a beard is also an excellent way to keep your skin youthful), but most of the time it’s just foreign shock and you realize the beard was covering up a lot more. It’s one of the only ways men have to shape shift and as a natural skeptic, I’m constantly questioning what is underneath the beard. Then I moved to Brooklyn and had my first REAL encounter with babes bearing beards. For some reason these Hipster dudes LOVE the idea of an ironic beard and wear that shit with the utmost pride. Their passion and conviction for the sexiness of their beard is so strong it almost becomes validated at some point – if so many of them think it’s sexy, there must be something to it.

There are logistics to bearing a beard. You need to groom that thing, keep it clean and make sure when you’re eating/drinkin/pleasing a lady you keep that thing clean and fresh smelling. Take my word for it, you smell it and engage with it if you’re on the receiving end of that bearded love. If you’re a babe bearing a beard with a killer body – you can do no wrong. That full lumberjack look with a 6 pack is always OK with me and since moving to Brooklyn, lets just say I’ve seen a few ;) So dudes, savor the beardo goodness for the cold months because when heat hits, I wanna see that shaved so I can pinch those beautiful cheeks.


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The Litterboxx: Episode 7

Holiday season is the best time to sit back and watch the world hilariously unfold around you. If you can’t laugh with them, might as well laugh at them. In this episode, Katy and I catch up after Thanksgiving to talk about family madness, my time on Rob Kelly’s YKWD Podcast, courting etiquette and what is/isn’t appropriate to wear amongst the hipster crowd. I’m a Jersey girl, sue me for not wanting to wear inconvenient layers.


We also dive in deep with some real issues and discuss Eric Garner, the decade anniversary of Dimebag Darrell’s death, Bill Cosby’s creep tendencies and of course – the demise of Scott Stapp from Creed. In 2015 we will be moving the cast to weekly and adding in more guests, maybe even some you may know or give a fuck about. We’re on iTunes + Stitcher too, share some Boxxtalk with a friend.

– @zeenakoda

Make sure to get on the BoxxTalk social flow:

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…And Injustice For All

The “law” has always been something that perplexes me but American law is entirely another beast. It’s amazing that in one part of a “united” country a law can serve the needs of one group of people but not be unanimously upheld. It has always been a contradiction in terms with some minor repercussions, but many major flaws. When you breakdown the logistics of a trial, juries decide the fate of an individual based on the presentations and evidence highlighted by another team of humans. Many times, the argument is up for debate and details lie on the backs of “personal accounts” and questionably validated evidence. In the case of Eric Garner, technology seemed to lie on justices’ side, with video CLEARLY EVIDENCING the account. Despite visible, widespread evidence a group of seemingly compassionate peers, from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds, granted immunity. There is no debate on excessive force when the recipient ends up dead. The logic that one should not “resist arrest” lies in the same lane as someone not being mercilessly choked to death by “law enforcement.” Poor taste, morality and judgement on the part of the officer and for that miscalculation – he should pay the subsequent price.


Cops are not god and the “law” is not always right. This is not a new concept and although recent cases have brought racial undertones to the surface, the bottom line is police brutality is REAL. Any human you give authoritative power to that supersedes the limitations of others is subject to violation. It’s common sense, people POWER TRIP. All racial issues aside it is terrifying to think that society would allow a human to mercilessly assault another to the point of coercing death. The notion that law enforcement is above the law is an issue that has plagued this country for years and as the “land of the free” we should carefully scrutinize. With stand out cases such as this (which honestly are just those that are highlighted by the media, I’m not naive enough to think this doesn’t happen everyday without coverage) so many deficiencies come to light. I’m not crazy about guns but it’s instances like this that remind me why so many citizens adamantly defend of their right to bear arms. In a nation where the “law” which was instituted to protect and defend its citizens mercilessly kills without repercussion, how can we foster trust? What will stop this from happening to any of us, at any time?

Society by nature is hella complex. What is inevitable is human error and the emotional stakes are high. What CANNOT be denied is the fact that something happened, it’s clearly SHOWN on camera and someone is now dead at the hands of the “law.” The racial component to this case just intensifies the complexity of the case and as a minority I have certainly seen and experienced the difference. We’re raised to build out perceptions from our socioeconomic, personal and cultural constructs. No matter who you are or where you come from you come with preconceived notions. Obviously, education, experience and assimilation will change your opinions over the years but we cannot be oblivious to the fact that these conditions exist. Individual opinions don’t come waving flags and interpersonal relations are almost paradoxical in nature. Until you’ve been the victim of profiling it can be hard to TRULY relate.

Racism exists outside of just color lines – ethnicity, shade of skin color and cultural differences make the Earth a clusterfuck to live on. I’ll never forget a story my mother told me of her being engaged to and Irish man before my dad (momma was a pimp) and the relationship folded because his family thought she was “too dark” and “interracial relationships wouldn’t work in the long run.” This was the 70’s and although we’ve come a long way (thankfully or my bi-racial ass wouldn’t be writing this rant) we as a society cannot be blind to the stark realities of REAL racism and social judgement. I’ve been the victim of racial profiling in an altercation situation and found out first hand that it’s not pretty. There is no feeling like that absolute despair that takes over when the “law” accuses a group of ethnic folks over their white counterparts and the absolute worst is being profiled by another minority. There was one instance in my life where I feared defending myself against an older white woman attacking me because I knew I’d be blamed. Sure enough, I was implicated along with my Hispanic friends, when the cops showed up after allowing her to basically assault me at her will. After that instance I truly understood what it was like to be racially profiled, you can’t be a fool to the sweepingly judgmental world we live in. I won’t however, be a log on the fire.

Many people I personally know that have entered law enforcement have not in my eyes been the best judge of character or morality. There have certainly been a few that I have also found both emotionally and intellectually unintelligent. Frankly many have been friends I’ve shared illegal times with only to find out years later that they were now cops. This is also not to say that law enforcement isn’t incredible as well – they protect and serve us daily, putting their lives on the line. Many of them are selfless heroes and because of the tasteless actions of a few, their perception is jeopardized as well. The law should not be above anyone and justice, true justice should be something we collectively as a society actively fight for. It’s not only our right, but our duty.

– @Zeenakoda

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I’d Still Hit It: Fred Durst

[Editors note: Stoked to have Denise on-board our team of outspoken women. I’ve known her for a long time – she’s a babe with impeccable taste in music, media, sports and humor. She’s graciously brought this new series to BoxxTalk which we will all be contributing to because you know, these things are important…the clams abide. – @zeenakoda]

Once upon a time...
Once upon a time…

Let’s all be real with ourselves for a second: at one point in our life, we’ve owned a Limp Bizkit album. Personally, I owned Three Dollar Bill Y’all$ and I am okay with that. When Limp Bizkit first came into the mainstream world, I was in middle school and it was unlike anything I was listening to at the time. Their cover of Faith (originally by George Michael) seemed genius to my seventh grade self (AKA I was an idiot). It was weird and I was into it.


This article isn’t about owning Limp Bizkit albums though. It is about the fact that after all these years, I still find Fred Durst oddly attractive. I use the word oddly because I don’t understand it. I don’t WANT to like this man, but I just can’t help thinking “I’d still hit it” when I see his current photos. He has this thuggish charm about him that still seems to linger even at 44 years old.

Let’s go ahead and get this off my chest: I used to write Mr. Durst haikus on Twitter and he would sometimes reply or DM me with a “whoa whoa whoa” response (or something of that nature). The poems often mentioned showing him my boobs, wanting to bone and definitely usually mentioned his red hat. I only wish I had saved said poems for such an occasion. I no longer follow him on Twitter out of sheer shame.

I saw Limp Bizkit at some metal festival in San Bernardino a few years ago, and it’s sort of when this re-obsession started. I began to Google him and see what he was up to, and what I found was not what I expected at all. The man has become a director and filmmaker with credits such as this profound eHarmony commercial, see the cinematic glory below.

A career switch to film was probably one of the last things I expected Durst to do, but it looks like he is still active with music as well. I won’t be buying any of the new Limp Bizkit albums, or anything else he does most likely, but you know what? I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.


– Denise Borders / @Punkworldviews
Check Denise out on http://punkworldviews.com/


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Litterboxx Podcast: Episode 6

Man, if anyone told me how much blood, sweat and tears went into managing and site and creating/hosting a podcast before now I would have never believed them. IT’S A LOT OF DEDICATION MY FRIEND. We have a mission and we will complete it – super proud to bring you the new and improved Litterboxx podcast! Episode 6 is a precursor to the improvements The Litterboxx will be undergoing in 2015. Bigger and better, just how we like our . . .


For this episode we party down with the full group of clams and a male guest. Forewarning…we’d been drinking for some time so things get candid and a bit raw. Isn’t that the best way to have a conversation? NO FUCKS GIVEN. Pardon the slurs, we’ll clean up our act in 2015.

Listen in as we entertainingly discuss watching Motley Crue, the merits/horrors of Lena Dunham and the Girls franchise, men “experiencing” lesbians, getting older and loads of debauchery in-between. Many, many thanks to my homeboy Troyquan for producing some of the ill audio you are hearing in the cast and Tracy G from Sway In The Morning who lent her vocal talents.

Follow both of them here:

Download this cast via iTunes and Stitcher too + get on the BoxxTalk social flow:

– @zeenakoda

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In Defense: Leave Dr. Matt Taylor Alone

In case you might have missed it (and believe me, many did because they were distracted by a big, fake, photoshopped ass, but we’ll get to that later), the European Space Agency landed a FUCKING PROBE ON THE SURFACE OF A FUCKING COMET. If you’re thinking, “Pffft big deal,” then please silently go fuck yourself while I explain to you why this is, in fact, a huge deal.

Comet 67P.
Comet 67P.

For the past decade, the ESA have been navigating Rosetta, the craft carrying the probe Philae, throughout our universe for a total of about four billion miles. With most of the world watching from the comfort of their homes, the ESA successfully launched and landed Philae on Comet 67P. This is a groundbreaking milestone for the discovery of our solar system because the probe will now travel freely throughout our universe on the same course of the comet while collecting pictures and other such data to later be analyzed back on our tiny little earth. Imagine how many questions about our solar system, galaxy, and universe that might one day be answered through the journey of Philae!

Philae's initial touchdown on the comet.  So breathtaking.
Philae’s initial touchdown on the comet. So breathtaking.

As a mere observer, watching the landing of this craft onto the comet surface was breathtakingly emotional. I can’t even begin to imagine the joy, pride, and excitement of those who have been involved with this mission since the inception. This is a magical moment and should be celebrated by all, but of course, there have to be a bunch of Negative Nancies trolling the web who are not only unfairly berating a man who is a hero in the name of science, but they are also besmirching the name of “feminism” because they have a problem with a fucking T-shirt worn by Matt Taylor, one of the masters behind this mission.

Dr. Matt Taylor and the shirt in question.
Dr. Matt Taylor and the shirt in question.

Apparently, while being interviewed about the mission, Matt Taylor opted to wear a colorful (tacky) button down shirt that featured renderings of hot, semi naked, blonde women all over it. Albeit a bit tacky, I find nothing offensive about this man’s shirt, but of course, there are some “feminists” out there who are apparently repulsed by this harmless clothing choice and have so aggressively spoken out about it that they reduced the poor man to tears during an interview where he should have been celebrating this wonderful success.

I am really sick of these hyper-sensitive “activists” nitpicking over every little thing and trying to find some kind of hidden, cruel agenda in everything. The man wore a shirt that portrayed women in a sexy way. That doesn’t automatically make him a misogynistic pig. This man just made a huge accomplishment in his career. I highly doubt he woke up that morning and thought to himself “Hmm… how can I objectify women?” It’s a fun shirt and maybe it’s a little tasteless, but in no way is it harmful. Seriously, I am getting so sick of these self-proclaimed feminists who have no concept of “equality” and simply just hate men. As I identify as a feminist, it’s embarrassing to see females portraying themselves so carelessly for a cause that they are tarnishing with their convoluted agenda. Not all men are evil. Matt Taylor’s brilliant legacy now might be tainted because a bunch of pesky man haters had to get all pissy on the internet.

You want to be angry at someone? Be angry at Kim Kardashian. Here is a female who has literally contributed nothing to society. She is a gold digging, useless nothing who is “famous” and makes millions of dollars all because she made a sex tape with a Z-List celebrity. She is exemplifying a lifestyle of luxury that isn’t earned, but is taken ungraciously. She is teaching girls that it’s okay to do nothing with your life as long as you get naked and sleep with rich men. She is everything that is wrong with female and celebrity culture, and yet her greased up ass was something that people deemed more important than the fact that science has made a huge leap in the name of discovery.

Matt Taylor might be a minor fashion victim at best, but even then, who cares?! As I mentioned earlier, this man is a HERO. He’s not just a hero for Europe. He’s not just a hero for men. He is a hero for every human here on this earth. So quit your fucking bitching, accept his apology (which I found painful and humiliating to even watch), and deal with the fact that people like naked women, and some women like to be naked. Stop trying to take issue with the most simple and harmless things, you jerks. Speak up about shit that actually matters. Stop vilifying the innocent.

More importantly, Matt Taylor might also be the man of my dreams. I’ve been looking for a big burly bearded man covered in tattoos who listens to Cannibal Corpse and is also a Space Scientist with a sexy accent. Is he single?

Seriously, is he single?
Seriously, is he single?
So dreamy
So dreamy

– @Mercyfulkate


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Ear Crush: Faith No More – Motherfucker


Only Mike Patton, could make the words “MOTHER FUCKER” sound so good. We’ve waited 18 years for a new album – that’s almost as old as some of my boyfriends! Cannot wait to hear the full album out in 2015.

– @zeenakoda

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The Exxxotica Expo: A Tale of Weekend Debauchery

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of going to the Exxxotica Expo in Edison, NJ to check out all of the unsavory goodness. I knew it was going to be raunchy, but since I had never gone before, I really didn’t realize to exactly what degree of raunchiness would occur. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

First, I would like to say that if you go to one of these events, be mindful of the people you bring. I went with my cousin Athena (whose boyfriend hooked us up with VIP passes) and two of my besties, Jeff and Catherine (aka Jetherine). Although I was definitely missing some of my friends and wish they could have come because I know we would have had a blast, I am THRILLED that this is the crew I rolled with because we were all game for anything. Being with people who are open minded and down for whatever definitely gives you a full and exciting experience. While Jeff had gone to a few of these before, myself, Athena, and Catherine were all virgins. And what a first time it was!

From left to right: Myself, Catherine, Jeff, and Athena.
From left to right: Myself, Catherine, Jeff, and Athena.

When we got there, we were greeted immediately by half naked girls who handed us plastic bags with a card in it that said webcamming can earn you $22,500 A MONTH. No, that wasn’t a typo. That is apparently how much one can make webcamming on a monthly basis. I really don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore. I won’t even lie, I really considered being like “FUCK THIS I’M DOING PORN,” but I still have hope that maybe I can one day make money with my clothes on. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Luckily, we got there a little late, so it wasn’t crazy crowded and we were able to comfortably navigate around. After debating over which direction we should go, we made the right choice because the first porn star and entrepreneur that we got to meet was none other than JOANA ANGEL. Joana is not only a sexy, empowered, badass woman, but she is also a business module and someone who I so highly respect. We only exchanged “hellos.” Since we arrived late, we wanted to get a better lay of the land so we rushed away and never got any pictures with her. Womp womp.

After the stripper showcase, we found a vendor that was giving away $40 blind boxes filled with sex toys. They guaranteed AT LEAST two vibrating toys with BATTERIES INCLUDED. My cousin and I bought the bags, and she spun a wheel for an extra $10 and got some double sided dildo thing. We didn’t open the gifts until we got to the car, but we both got cock rings and some lube. She got a male stripper tuxedo costume which cracked us both up. She definitely got cooler vibrators than I did. One of mine was pretty basic. Another one was shaped like a Panda and didn’t really make any sense except for discretionary purposes. And one of them was a vibrating sponge for the shower. Except for the sponge, mine were hard plastic and I prefer silicone toys. I was disappointed, but not as disappointed as I was on Sunday morning when I frantically tried to assemble all of them and either the batteries they gave me were all dead or all of the toys were duds. I’ll be sure to get new batteries this week and see what’s up with that. Either way, my lesson has been learned. Better to splurge on good sex toys rather than cheap out on some blind box deal. We started to get hungry, and what did we find? COCK SHAPED CORN DOGS. Not only were these treats ingeniously engineered, but they were actually really tasty. Well done, Exxotica!

Sexual hot dog eating
Sexual hot dog eating

We then went to the stage where there was some kind of stripper showcase and watched all of the hot ladies do pole tricks. This time, we tried taking pictures, but they were doodoo. After we stuffed our faces with dick dogs, we moseyed back over to the stage and watched the legendary Tera Patrick dance. We definitely all were drooling on ourselves for that one. She is such a babe. After we left her showcase, we saw some hot girls in a cage. So, of course, we got into the cage with them and took a bunch of pictures. I mean, how could we not?

The night started ending and a lot of the vendors and stars had wrapped up. We went back to the Burning Angel booth, but Joana and the Angels were already gone. We were looking for something else to do when one of the bouncers who knows my cousin approached us and asked if any of us wanted to get whipped. I gingerly volunteered and followed him to the BDSM corner where this smoking hot, leather clad blonde girl had me bend over a cross.

She asked if I wanted to be paddled or whipped, or, as she also put it, did I want “thodding” or “stringing?” I told her to start with the paddle. She started out smacking me ever so gently and alternating between my left and right ass cheeks with a paddle. I laughed hysterically the entire time. My friend Catherine remarked that I looked like I was having so much fun, and she is totally right! Eventually, people gathered around and watched which just made it even more hilarious in my mind. I told her to use all of the gadgets on me, so she smacked my ass with a plethora of things. Then, this big dude who looked like Santa came out and started whipping me. I won’t lie, that shit HURT, and since we were short on time, I figured that was my cue to leave soon.

Way too excited for my "whipping."
Way too excited for my “whipping.”
Babes in a cage

This was hilarious since Catherine is actually a nurse!  If only her uniform looked like that!!! This was hilarious since Catherine is actually a nurse! If only her uniform looked like that!!!

By that time, we realized we didn’t get any pictures with any of the porn stars, so we just went around taking pictures with the only girls who were still there at their booths that didn’t look like they were packing up. Unfortunately, it was late. Like, it was literally closing in just minutes, so we only met these two ladies, but they were both super hot and way cool.

We weren’t ready to call it a night, so the four of us decided to hit the nearest strip club. We decided on Bourbon Street since it was right down the road. As luck would have it, they were also hosting a Ladies Night so we didn’t have to pay a door charge and we got a free round or two of drinks. I think they might have even let Jeff slide since he was the token man in our clam clan. The strip club was, well, a strip club. We gave a lot of dollars to a lot of girls, saw lots of great asses, and decided we all have a thing for strippers wearing glasses.

So wrong, but so good.
On the way out, Jetherine and I couldn’t resist snapping this oh-so-unsavory photo in the beds near the door. This makes me laugh. So wrong, but so good.

All in all, it was a great night. There was some weirdness that occurred with one of the showcase strippers at the Expo, but I decided that it’s not worth talking about in great detail since there are some people out there who desperately want me to notice them and will do anything they can just to get my attention and to be a part of my life, even if it means having a psychotic breakdown on my Instagram because I didn’t care to talk to said people. It pains me to even acknowledge it here, so all I will say is that if you want to become a successful person, then by all means, please go out and gain it for yourself. Do not try to wedge yourself into my circle so that you can piggyback off of mine. I worked hard for this shit. And if I don’t like you, then there is a reason for that. Just accept it and move on from it. There’s no need to embarrass yourself over it. The people I care about are in my life. The people I don’t care about are not. It’s plain and simple and really, more people should grasp this concept.

Also, there are literally millions of generic insults out there that you can throw my way that make more sense than “ugly.” Seriously, no one is gonna buy that.

– @mercyfulkate

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Ear crush: Snoh Aalegra x Killa Mike “Bad Things” Remix


Take one look at this woman, she’s fucking strikingly gorgeous. Like, re-think my life and sexuality knockout hot.

Snoh presents smooth tunes close to a dynamic mix of Amy Winehouse meets Portishead. Unlike many of her sultry sullen counterparts (Lana Lana, god bless her waif vacant soul), Snoh has the charisma and talent to fortify her beauty and draw a wide variety of listeners in. “Bad Things” makes me want to get pregnant by some deadbeat, hot Hispanic tattooed man…playing an acoustic guitar of course. Hey, a girl needs a dream.

Listen to Snoh’s first single “Bad Things” featuring the ever so precious Killa Mike, who recently dropped a new album with his El-P coupled project, Run The Jewels. Snoh’s debut EP “There Will Be Sunshine” will drop via iTunes on 11/17.

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